Soul to Soul with Robin Williams

Merrielee Walters shares the mind of Robin Williams

Merrielee Walters meets Soul to Soul with Robin Williams in this Informative, Inspirational and Exciting Journey through the Mind of Robin Williams himself. Get it Straight from Robin, the Real Reasons for his untimely Death with Humor and Insight from the other side. This book is an Adventure worth taking… Be prepared to Laugh, Cry and Soar with Robin through to the Amazing Arrival at the “Pearly Gates”. Robin holds nothing back in this trip beyond the bounds of human existence.

Robin Williams...Truly unleashed.

WARNING: Not for the Faint of Heart or Politically Correct.

DISCLAIMER: I Merrielee Walters do not claim to have personally spoken with or met with Robin Williams while he was living on this Earth. This is Strictly a Spiritual Experience that I have chosen to share with the World.


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Let’s do it right. Get it straight from the laid straight! I am fine like a wine just a little more swine. Can we win? Without a trim? OK, here goes … My life on a dime.”

Merrielee Walters Words from the author

Daniel Raphael Daniel Raphael

It was in my early 20’s after the death of my little sister Lisa that I discovered my ability to connect to those who have passed through to the afterlife. A little history for you all….I was raised with a sister that was massively brain damaged and could not communicate other than through sound such as crying, moaning and laughing. Lisa could hear and she responded to light but clearly wasn’t able to see. Communication was more through feeling than anything and I began developing intuitive abilities early on. I thought everyone was hearing Lisa as I was, nothing special or unique but just the usual feeling connection to family, I thought. It wasn’t until her death that I realized I could still hear her talking with me.

So I began testing out this ability that I had taken for granted and sure enough, Lisa was not the only one that I could feel and hear. I began speaking with several people even prominent figures from the past. When you open the door, watch out! Anxious are they, from the other side of life to make connection.


LOOK INSIDE: A small summary from some of the chapters


Robin Williams are we to work together on this book or memoire of sorts?

(Robin Williams in the voice of Mrs. Doubtfire):

“I would love it if you would please dearie”.


Robin, what do we call this memoire?


A ‘more from the memoire…… Let’s do it right. Get it straight from the laid straight!

Merrielee Walters meets Soul to Soul with Robin Williams in this Informative, Inspirational and Exciting Journey through the Mind of Robin Williams himself. Get it Straight from Robin, the Real Reasons for his untimely Death with Humor and Insight from the other side. This book is an Adventure worth taking… Be prepared to Laugh, Cry and Soar with Robin through to the Amazing Arrival at the “Pearly Gates”. Robin holds nothing back in this trip beyond the bounds of human existence.

Robin Williams...Truly unleashed.

WARNING: Not for the Faint of Heart or Politically Correct.

DISCLAIMER: I Merrielee Walters do not claim to have personally spoken with or met with Robin Williams while he was living on this Earth. This is Strictly a Spiritual Experience that I have chosen to share with the World.

I was rendered by the main stream media and it’s not true what has been said about me. I am not dead, just a little out of sorts… My life truly was an Amazing Adventure. I cannot open without saying what a journey I traveled on this plane of existence. I am so wrought with feelings about my departure. Who can know how one feels when the sojourn here has been completed? I am ripe with angles and analogies but no nonsense is the pick of the day. I was made to appear as if my troubles were drug related, and that is simply not true. Yes, there were those times when it was all of life’s answer for me, but not up to the last of my time here. I’m not tripping when I say I would rather reason with a bear. I bartered with which way was most proficient for me, it was always the innocence that was preferred. I became a particle in this vast cosmos called life and I wasted so much time in wondering what would be best for me and if I was fit for this journey instead of acceptance of what was.

I came into this world a naked character, and left on those same terms. My quick draw to end my life was not portended to be. I was altering my own existence here for reasons that are difficult in nature to explain, but I’ll cut to the chase and in no uncertain terms say it… I came as a child and left before I grew up. I didn’t want to see my life end as an adult looking back at the pretense altered by my lack of knowing how to relate to this Abominable World of Hurt and play out this query. My indigenous actions were compilations of characters within me played out on film. I could equate this to not once getting comfortable here in this world. I could pretend away so much of my discomfort by easing the burden of life around me. I began to lose the desire to keep up the show. How much can one take of covering the out of body experience I was having? I knew no way other than to Alter the situations of life that I was in. It was easy to jump from one to the next because it made no sense In Reality to me anyhow...

I too was always configuring a way to ease the tension, the pain of not quite believing in this world of chance. I did so enjoy the moments of release when I could let go of Reality and play as if it didn’t matter. But once again, awakening to a scene of horror was just on the other side of that. The Horror, being the naked self so exposed to unsafe places. I remember being so over loaded at times that that’s all I could do to keep the harm at bay. If I kept talking, it would keep the deadly silence away. Now as I look back at it I realize that what was so discomforting was the unspoken, the fragile part of my character. Oh how I felt complete when I knew no harm or spitefulness, but I kept a vigil on that. For me it was quite enough of a job. I cannot blame a soul for my life path. But I can take the responsibility for the wayward paths I’ve taken.

I am Richer for having lived. I am poorer for the same reason. Death is not timely, it is advantageous for the thinker to end the thinking, endless thinking. My primary thoughts were of always being the one who knew the deadly secret, that we were all strangers here. I just couldn’t actively go to sleep with this lingering thought as to what to do about it. I may have awakened a beast or two whilst here in this splendor! But no real harm was done. I am a poor boy who reckons with no one. I am an Innocence lost. My last ditch effort in becoming clear was twofold in nature; I began as the one who needed for calm and ended as the one for whom calm was deafening. I couldn’t for the life of me, figure on giving in to the monster but didn’t know how to fight the monster either. I suppose all of the Resistance inside of me had to break somehow and then there is no control left. I’ve worn out the machine! The war going on inside was too much for this body and the truth was breaking free… that all of this, “uncomfortableness” cannot or will not be hidden or covered any longer. I ultimately would lose control of my functions and finally be a prisoner to what I had been avoiding for all of my life, the fear of not being able to handle this life, this mystery. Adhering to any pattern became useless. I’m not here for the long haul. My Indignity was too overbearing. . I feel no shame in this but to my family I feel they haven’t the answers enough to comfort their weary aching hearts. I am about concluding this chapter of my life. I am Pro Bono on this one. I am giving one last Interview with this Lady right here. Hello….I’m Robin Williams. Who are you? Mutha Fucka! My diagnosis isn’t what you would say, Normal but…well… No one is…

The target now is to get to a place of release. I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to do a little healing from the other side of life…The Afterlife. My journey began with a rush of wind from down below, near the spare parts. I had the idea that wouldn’t it be a kick to give it one more college try? Maybe we all could use some heart healing. I felt I might as well leave some of this baggage at the train station. Maybe just maybe, letting it all out here left on these pages would allow me to have the last and final word about who I am and what I am about. I also felt it would be good therapy for those who connect with what I am saying. I don’t have all the answers now…I just get more of a chance to observe...free of the entanglements. I am resting in a sense, from most of what ails us in life. But I am seeking for Peace with it. I felt some things were not being told correctly and misrepresented.

On my behalf, I have something to say. For one, I am not beholden to the Addictions of the past. I have entered more of a place to where the boundaries of my nature were needing to find rest and balance. I have been in a good place with myself, not needing so much distraction from what has called to me for most of my life. I began to be more settled in and appreciative always of others struggle and pain. I had a difficult time balancing the success with what value I saw in myself. It never measured out. There were so many in this place that were stretching to their limits and not feeling relief. To those I say, hold on to the dream that one day all of this will be settled and it’s not for you to take blame or responsibility for the happiness of others. You will never be funny enough to wash away completely the Encrypted code of Destitution. To be the one holding the bag with the keys to life’s secret mysteries was not my legacy, but that’s how it felt to me. There was always something inside of me that said I can do that....or at least the feeling that I needed to do what I could, to do my part in rescuing others from the pain, the hell, the torment that lay just beneath the surface. Maybe I can lift their spirits and off to some faraway place I can take them from this place, if just for a little while. I can say that I felt responsible in a way for all of human kind. It doesn’t make sense looking at it now but it was so real to me when I was in it. I think that I wasn’t brave enough to trust life and the outcome. I couldn’t reason it out in my own mind. I tried to make as Big of a Distraction as I could, to seem as if I had it all handled. Ah this was easy! But my desperate attempts seemed to always fall just short of release.

I was tireless but my soul was tired. It’s much more work maintaining the inside. It took a toll on my heart to ignore what was breaking it on the inside. Nobody’s fault really, just the way I came, signed, sealed, delivered. Maybe my parents should have checked the seals for freshness when they opened this package. My journey was quite unbearable at times I’m sure for my parents and family. I was unsettled and in that way it was I’m sure, unsettling for others within range of me. Hand wringing was a tell tale sign, plus the profuse sweating. My armpits were always wet, oh the times of unbearable sweating. I’ve sweat more in one lifetime than all of Auschwitz……who’s turn is it anyway? I should have just worn swim trunks. That was a good reason for the Hawaiian shirts…..one step away from shore, “beachware”. I could always fall back on Active wear…..never knowing when the next wave will hit! If I could have found a cure for the sweating, it wouldn’t have been soon enough. It sure makes detoxing easier! Speaking of which…

My life was made easier at times when I could calm the jibber jabber, but giggling was the best. What release that was to my soul. I was always a performer. The quietness wasn’t stillness for me but as I began to age, I could see the restful times possible but the Irony that occurred was damage done, apparently from my train running 24-7, that as I began to ease my mind, my mind began playing tricks on me. I guess fair play. I hadn’t heard the call from the Inside shouting to pay attention to me! It was always about someone or something else. My mind had been running on empty for too long and the call for help overlooked just enough that when I was turning to peace and rest, it wasn’t there for me as I hadn’t been there for me. I am looking on all of this as I speak which helps to put proper order to this and reason. I suppose anyone within reach of these words would benefit from making clearer choices by paying attention to the signs…

We take with us a piece of all that was and now, acquiring a vision of all of it as good and Happiness, the ultimate resting place will be for me, my final resting place. Not Death! It’s just another chapter in my Book of Life. Yes I will miss the experience of sharing my life with the World and my Family and being present with them through their life’s battles. But from here I can be of sound mind and rejoice in their pleasures and their stumbling, knowing that they were the most beautiful part of my Adventure. Immature as I was, incapable of reaching perfection as a father, hopefully being a friend was enough. For I know you had to feel my heart through the misfirings of my attempts at reaching out to heal my family. I’m OK with my subtlety and my missed steps. For God’s sake! Who knows how to work through the befuddled mess called life? I am reaching through these pages to all of you and in my own crazy, Messy, blubbering way, I’m kissing and licking…. wrapping all of you with my hairy arms as a furry blanket, warming you. I can think of no better way to say it then with a wet willy! When you feel a poke in your behind, know that it’s me always there supporting you from behind. I will work on better positioning but just know, I will be tuning in! Lord Knows I have lots of time on my hands and plenty of spare creative time to think up silly antics to tease and bother each one of you. Noooooo just kidding, they have me busy on the circuit creating entertainment for the lost souls…..just like on earth! Not really….I’m spending most of my time settling the business of living and healing the wounds of the what ifs. If I could wrap each of you in my arms and whisper sweet nothings in your ears…..mmm! I would tell you of fairies and butterflies, then I would poke you in your eye and say, WAKE UP PEOPLE! My heart tells me you wouldn’t listen but it would make for a good time!

Ohhh the Glory of it all! Who says you can’t play a trick or two from the other side? The rules here are….anything goes! Just until or unless you don’t agree, so keep the doors and windows of joy and laughter open and I will show up. I can’t reach you any other way. If you wish to be upset and angry, I must leave my bliss to attend you….so let’s meet on better terms. It’s the same for any here. When you call out for help or shout in frustration, do you expect any on this side wanting to connect to that? Hey! We are here having left the World behind and rejoicing in the freedom from care about the trivial games being played out there. In understanding, we can choose to stay locked in anger, trying to punish ourselves for not being as we wished to be or……

In my home life I was well acquainted with what is commonly referred to as a misappropriation of funds. I was surrounded by all rights, the blind leading the blind. My experience as a child was certainly not ideal but not maintaining harsh criticism here, as I’ve said before, I don’t remember receiving any rule book on life and neither did my parents….that I knew about. Every man for himself. I cannot profess abuse of any large degree but life has that covered. My feelings are not any different than the average person, just my version of events and personal taste. I know the sensitivity I developed had in large part come from personal experience. No one can free you from your Internal Dialogue. That was written upon the walls of my childhood. I certainly got plenty of ridicule and learned very early on to entertain the troops, to provide a distraction away from my flaws and beaming insecurities. I was definitely naked in this world, not fit for the likes of me.

What happens while on our travels through life can make imprints that change forever your course in life. I was propelled into covering, distracting and applying shock therapy on the masses. Maybe I would have been a shoemaker….maybe an Author or maybe just an average Joe, had I not been exposed to my unapproved subjectivity. My Innocence was slapped and scared into captivity. I got the message early on that this was not a safe place for a delicate heart full of inquiry and pure Intelligence. I apparently had missed the Memo! As I looked about me, I could see the wonder and carefree abandon, jump ship and I quickly took an approach that would produce a feeling of safety by getting the intense attack redirected away from my fragile heart. Could this be real? What do I do? Sink away into utter despair? Which I now can see that I was…..sinking away into utter despair, always clamoring for the slightest hope to hold onto, that all would be OK. I was too absorbent.

I missed those times in my life when one could analyze and make changes necessary to fulfilling ones Majesty. I always embraced love when offered. I just couldn’t apply it always to me and my adventure. If I could hear of a way to do something I was always willing and able but to me a fair chance was always in need of. I couldn’t take hold of avarice. The meaning of life for me much of the time was bending to this or bending to that. I know how difficult that was because I was in it. It sure didn’t feel like ease and replenishment. There was a time in my life when wanting for anything became an extreme necessity. I am so over, replacing one false Identity with another. How is it that even the small anchors in life can become such a death defying trap? I wasn’t amused by this, just mystified about it. In amazement I stand in a mocking position of how I took hold of my world and it became a crazed maze. I have traveled the circuit in search of Anonymity? The more I became a care “Full” person, the more I involved myself in things that I would rather have undone but nevertheless, “here I went”. I seemed to have draped myself with wild abandon but couldn’t manage to acquire the true manifestation.

A query out yonder. My destination was always at bay. Maybe here….eventually. I couldn’t arrive at “STOP THIS MADNESS!” but I did profess. I was able to address what was bothering me….but it was part of the madness. It was never undone or furthered to a sufficient degree. I was always surmising…what if? In a wondering way, cheerfully received as Ho-Hum. Can I get a real acquisition? A request always remained as that. Indifference to what might be choking the baby. I think my problem was, once entering the comedic mind the arena is full of only that. “We can’t bring reality here! Ohhhh heaven knows that might undo our world of ignorance and we wouldn’t have need of our delusions! How can a person not want to know? I tried in my own foolish and silly ways to bring about conversation. It’s a typecast mentality. Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t. I would stop to read something and just feel broken, humiliated about a Persona’. My increasing arrival at this same place became tiring and Blasé’. I think at times I wondered too much for this weary world. I gave it too much credit. When what I should have done was Acquiesce. It was just not in me to sit by idling away what to me felt so heart driven and made a mark on me. I looked in some wrong places and wanted for some quick, effortless answers. That is frustrating and I’m sure to loved ones it seemed a daunting task to own my life. “How can we? We don’t know what the hell you’re gonna do next?” Fragile but yet not so much care was taken on my part. I guess it’s often easier to call out someone else. My way of getting on was to raise holy hell and move onto the next project. Indifference was infuriating to me but I guess that could be my life looked at through others’ colored glasses. I was so invested in whatever I did that it made it more of a challenge when running lines and scenes, having to be played over, which makes for some good memories! My dealings with the world were always pretense at some level...